Utrecht Indonesian Day 2014

Utrecht Indonesian Day (UID) is a two-yearly event by Indonesian students association in Utrecht (PPI Utrecht) aiming at promoting various traditional cultures of Indonesia. IMPoME students as a part of PPI Utrecht actively involve in this activity, either as committees or performancers.

The event involves four main agendas such as performances, workshops, exhibitions, and culinary bazar. In the performances are traditional dances from different regions in the country, traditional songs, poems, bands, and traditional music shows. This will be delivered by PPI (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia) from some cities in the Netherlands, Indonesian ethnic community (like Batak Karo Belanda), and some groups of Indonesian cultures.

Workshops of some Indonesian handicrafts and dances are also presented to give more chance to the visitors to feel Indonesia. The visitors also can taste various traditional foods with reasonable prices. Traditional arts, wedding photographs, handicrafts, and clothes would be presented in the exhibition area.

The event would be held on Saturday, 13 September 2014 in ZIMIHC Theater Stefanus, Overvecht, Utrecht.

UID garuda