Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1435 H


Laisa al-‘iid liman labisa al jadiid, innamaa al-‘iid liman thaa’atuhu taziid
Laisa al-‘iid liman tajammala billibaasi waa al markuub, innamaa al-‘iid liman ghufirat lahu adz-dzunuub
Laisa al-‘iid liman haaza ad-dirham wa diinaar, innamaa al-‘iid liman liman athaa’a al-‘aziiz al-ghaffaar

Bukanlah hari raya itu bagi mereka yang berpakaian baru, sesungguhnya hari raya itu bagi mereka yang ketaatannya bertambah.
Bukanlah hari raya itu bagi mereka yang berhias dengan pakaian anggun dan kendaraan bersusun, sesungguhnya hari raya itu bagi mereka yang diampuni dosa-dosanya.
Bukanlah hari raya itu bagi mereka yang memperoleh uang atau harta yang berlimpah, sesungguhnya hari raya itu bagi mereka yang taat kepada Yang Maha Perkasa dan Maha Pengampun

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1435 H
Semoga kita senantiasa diberi keberkahan untuk senantiasa melaksanakan ketaatan kepadaNya.

lebaran 1434H

Taqabbalallaahu minnaa wa mingkum, shiyaamana wa shiyaamakum




The 2nd SEA-DR

Inspiring Math Teaching


Theme : “Design/Development Research for Innovation in Education”

ampera bridge

SEA-DR Conference will be conducted by Master Program on Mathematics Education
 Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Sriwijaya University (UNSRI) Palembang, April 26th-27th, 2014.
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From Innumeracy to Insight

The following slides contain how statistical representations (in medical) used to confuse the patient. Several ways to avoid ambiguity of the presentations are given.

The slides are purely adopted from Gerd Gigerenzer and Adrian Edwards article, based on my personal understanding toward the article.

For further explanation, reading the complete article is highly recommended.

“Authentic Inquiry” vs “Simple Inquiry Tasks”

The following slides contain reviews toward the current implementation of inquiry based learning in school. The content refers to an article entitled “Epistemologically Authentic Inquiry in Schools: A Theoretical Framework for Evaluating Inquiry Tasks”. The article was written by Clark A. Chinn and Betina A. Malhotra from USA.


The slides are made based on my own understanding toward the article.

Beyond Extrinsic Reward and Adult Surveillance

This post is just as a bridge to consider how extrinsic reward (that people usually consider good for motivating children) would be harmful for their intrinsic motivation. Furthermore, according to Self-Determination-Theory, it would just be able to move left-side rather than to the right-side.

To gain further information, I highly recommend the readers to read the original complete article or to find more about self determination theory.

The Length of an Airplane Trip (Realistic Math Problem)

Ahmad plans to take a journey with an airplane from Jakarta to Amsterdam through Kuala Lumpur. The following is the itenary ticket he booked:

itenary ticket
(Ticket from Jakarta to Amsterdam)

In case of time differences in those three places, Ahmad found the following illustration:

time diff
(Time differences among 3 cities)

How long will Ahmad take in the airplane during the journey?
(Assume the time he gets in and out agree with his departure and arrival)