Does “context” only match with “Lower-level Math”?


Well, I am not going to ask you to solve nor to discuss the solution of the problem beside.

The question was taken from the ‘Examen Vwo‘ of Wiskunde B, a yearly math event in the Netherlands.

What I am going to show you from the picture is related to the title of this post, “Does context only match with lower level math?” which is rather be a common question, at least, by several Indonesian teachers. Furthermore, some of them used it as an excuse for not applying RME, CTL, or involve any context in their teaching of higher level math. As the consequence, most of our students feel less motivated in learning math since they did not find it useful for them.

In fact, every concept in math is derived from and for the real life situation. This fact is more than enough to deny any thoughts of inapprociacy of a particular math concept with the real life.

The above figure shows how Dutch people deliver mathematics in a contextual way. If we look further to the question, the topic contained in the problem is square root of cubic function, and also integral-volume (to solve the 12th problem), which are in ‘high-level-math’ category. Here, they relate an egg shape with those concepts.

So, is context only for the lower-level math? Absolutely NO.

This article is purely from my own point of view.
Not for reference.

See the English Version (translated from Dutch to English using google translate, and then edited) of the question:


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