Let’s Play Math (Using Applet)

Anxiety toward mathematics has been found commonly in our students. To deal with the problem, a joyful way of learning the math is necessary, that is, to condition the students not to afraid to get involved in mathematical activities. Applet, a java based application, seems to be able to fulfill the need of the students of interesting and fun math learning. Such kind of application could help students understand mathematical concepts and processes, increase thinking flexibility, provide tools for problem-solving, and can reduce math anxiety for some students.

Using this way, the students might not realize that they have learned a crucial concept of math. In addition to that, the tool could also be employed to assess students’ thinking, procedural understanding, and build their awareness of the existence of math all around them.

The application is java-based and could only be accessed on line only. However, the idea could then be represented (adapted) into a paper-based task or games if the internet connection does not really support.

Example of applets provided freely in the internet

For a further exploration, you may visit several following sites:


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