PMRI: a rolling reform strategy in process (Reflection: Part One)

Summary on:

Hoven, G.H.v.d. (2010). PMRI: a rolling reform strategy in process. In Sembiring, R., Hoogland, K., Dolk, M.(Eds.), A decade of PMRI in Indonesia (pp. 51-66). Meppel: Ten Brink.

The initiation of PMRI in Indonesia, which was supported by DGHE, strengthened the reform of mathematics education in Indonesia since 2001. Many activities regarding the improvement of the concept of RME and its dissemination were done, especially after the PMRI won a grant from Dutch Government in 2006.

The so-called DO-PMRI (Dissemination of PMRI) programme was based on four basic principles, that is, bottom up development, learning through modelling, ownership at the right place, and co-creating and were supported by Indonesian Government either morally or financially.

Historical overview of the last eight years (2002-2010)

After successfully working in a small scope, PMRI team tried to extend their wings by encouraging universities and teacher educators to take a part. This leads to the initiation of P4MRI and LPTK.

There are four main objectives to focus on the second phase of DO-PMRI, are:
1. To build knowledge, skills, and practices of primary teachers regarding PMRI
2. To build knowledge, skills, and practices of teacher educators regarding the PMRI
3. To institutionalize PMRI in the LPTKs
4. To institutionalize PMRI at nationallevel

In order to achieve the target, PMRI team tried to convince the government of Indonesia regarding the flexibility of this learning approach to the curriculum which was currently being applied. Finally, the concepts and the proposals they efforted is welcomed by the government.


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